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Alumni produce film to celebrate Ken Burns’ return to Guilford

Linda Catoe, Staff Writer
March 23, 2012
Filed under News

A lone violin strain meanders through a long, close up pan of a photograph of three enthusiastic faces. As the camera opens to a wide shot, we see three bare-chested college males, with the letters K-E-N painted on their respective chests. A fully clothed, equally enthusiastic female student holding… Read more »

 Coach Flamini hits her stride in 2012 with tenacious team, successful season

Linda Catoe, Staff Writer
February 3, 2012
Filed under SportsElectric and intense, the action on the court sizzles with the precise cohesion of a team come full circle. Head Basketball Coach and Guilford’s Senior Women’s Administrator, Stephanie Flamini zones in on her team. In her ninth season at Guilford College, Flamini owns the second place record for… Read more »

 “Poetic Portraits of a Revolution” paints multimedia picture of the Arab Spring

Linda Catoe, Staff Writer
February 10, 2012
Filed under Features

On Friday, Feb. 10, Todd Drake’s “Bahraini Muslim Self Portraits” in the Hege Library Art Gallery will act as a backdrop for “Poetic Portraits of a Revolution,” a theatrical multimedia performance incorporating spoken word, video and photography. Co-sponsored by the Center for Principled… Read more »